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Toronto Life for new moms: best places to visit in Toronto with kids, outdoor life and parks.

  • Finding daycare in Toronto
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    Finding daycare in Toronto

    One of the most important things new moms spend time on during their maternity leave is finding daycare for their LO’.Questions about daycare and talks about waiting list are the most common topics among new moms in Toronto. I tried here…

  • Mom of The Month,  Toronto Life

    Mom of the Month: Meet Jennifer

      Nice to meet you! You can call me:  Jennifer My Little One’s is: Nicholas 7 months old Three strange or interesting things about my family are: We’re big, Italian/Hungarian, we love wrestling My city and/or neighborhood is: Bolton The three…

  • Toronto Baby Store Guide
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    Toronto Baby Store Guide

    This is just a short guide for Toronto Baby Stores. You can find here all stores in Toronto that sell baby items, baby gear, and Baby Clothes. Toronto Baby Store Guide Baby Apparel Stores in Toronto 1. The Children’s Place 2.…

  • Summer Mom & Baby activities
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    Summer Mom & Baby activities

    This is the perfect list for you if you are looking for Summer Mom and Baby programs and activities in Toronto. I listed below outdoor activities you can do with your baby as well as places to visit and indoor programs you can…