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Best Gifts for Teachers

In a few days, the school year is about to be over, and our kids are going to start their summer vacation. Being a teacher is one of the most meaningful jobs out there. Teachers spend most of the day busy educating our kids, teaching them, caring for them, and much more. The end of the year is a great time to show a small appreciation back. In this guide, you will find the best gifts for teachers for the end of the year.

Best Gifts for Teachers – Gift Card

The best gift for your kids’ teacher is always a gift card. We chat with a few teachers and we know this is the preferred gift by far. In Toronto and the GTA the average amount is $25 cad, with most parents giving cards with amounts of $10 to $50 cad. It really depends on the budget (there is no right or wrong here), and how many teachers you would like to gift. If you have young kids at Daycare or Kindergarten it usually means 2-4 teachers in the class and it can add up to a big amount.

The most common gift card is Amazon, followed by Starbucks, Tim Horton, LCBO, Winners and Indigo.

Amazon Gift card- Best gift for teacher

Our reco is to get a gift card and add something small to it like a box of choockale or mug and always add a card from you and your child to show your appreciation.

if you would like to buy something more personal then this list is just what you need! We have created a list of nice stuff from Amazon with a price range of up to 35$

Best Gifts for Teachers – Personal gift

Inspirational Notebooks for Teachers

Teacher's Gift List_notebook1

Key chain for Teachers- end of year gift

Teacher's Gift List_keychain

Funny socks gift for Teachers

Teacher's Gift List_socks

Bookmark- gift for Teachers

Teacher's Gift List_bookmark

Best Gifts for Teachers – More Personal gifts

End of Year Cards for Teachers

It’s also nice to give a personal card, especially one that was made by the kids. We created for you FREE Printable cards for teachers. you can print at home. Download the card, print it at home and let your kids colour and write personal words.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation card


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Teacher's Gift List
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