Your Baby Registry Checklist
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Your Baby Registry Checklist

Congratulations! Your due date is coming soon and this is the time to work on your registry list and make sure everything will be ready for your little bundle of joy.

As a Mom to be it is hard to know what items you should have in your baby registry list, as you don’t really know what would you like or what would work for your baby. Every baby is different and also every new mom is different.

If you are here to download my printable checklist, click here and jump to the download section.

Tips for Creating a Baby Registry List

  • Create a large registry with many different options for your friends and family to choose from.
  • Include items from different price ranges. This way your guests can choose a gift within their price range or even create a gift basket.
  • Confirm the delivery or shipping cost. It will be convenient to get all of the gifts directly to your door, especially the larger ones.
  • Confirm the refund policy and option to exchange if you need to before adding an item to your list. This is especially true if you are adding an item that you will be using later, like a high chair.
  • If you create your Baby Registry List with Amazon, you can get 10-15% off all of your items and a welcome gift.
  • If you create your registry list with Amazon, add to your list all items for the baby’s first year. This way you can get up to 15% off all of your registry items. If you purchase $5,000 worth of items- it is $750 in savings!

Click here to read my guide for Amazon Baby Registry List

What items you should have on your Baby Registry List?

If you create a baby registry list, and you would like to cover all items you will be using for your baby, follow my list below and you will be covered.  I added all the items that you will use during the baby’s first year.

Baby registry checklist

Full Baby Registry List for Baby’s First Year – From Newborn to One-Year-Old.
Our baby registry list has been updated in Oct 2022

Room Furniture

Baby’s Room items

Essentials products for your Baby Registry List

Full Baby Registry List for Baby's First Year

Baby Bath Time

Stroller and On The Go

If you looking for a great baby stroller without breaking the bank, click here to check my list of 5 best strollers for $500 CAD

Breastfeeding items to add to Baby Registry list

Feeding time


Baby Playing time

Bedding items

Baby Clothing

Baby Registry items For the Wintertime

Safety Items

Baby Registry Checklist -Printable PDF

If you would like to print my baby registry list, you are welcome to download my list using the link below. A printable PDF checklist will be sent to your mailbox.

Baby Registry Checklist - Printable PDF


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How to save on your baby registry list:

  • If you shop at Costco, you can get Haggis diapers and wipes at the store, Vitamin D drops, Pantene diaper cream and also Carter’s baby’s clothing.
  • Don’t buy more than 1 box of newborn diapers, as babies move to size one pretty fast.
  • To save money on Diapers you can subscribe to an Amazon diaper subscription and save 20% on any diaper brand. This is how I buy pampers.
  • Don’t buy a large package before you try the product. You don’t know for sure what will work for your LO’. Start with small packaging, and if it works well, but the economy-size package.
  • Don’t buy too many Newborn items, as babies grow up fast. Instead, buy a 0-3 size.
  • For every item you buy, make sure you can refund or exchange it.
What Else?
  • Some items like food utilities, toys and etc. you can purchase later, when the baby is around 6 months old. I purchased all of the items together to get my Amazon Baby Registry discount. It is 15% off on all baby items you add to your registry shopping list if you want to learn how to click here.
  • Before you buy new items, check for used good condition items on the Facebook marketplace or on mommy groups in your area.
  • Breastpump you can rent.  Check my Breastfeeding gear guide here for more information.

About the links in my list
I added links to the items I use with my baby and recommend it.  If I didn’t purchase my item on Amazon, I added a link to the most similar item I found. I also checked that all the items in my links are highly recommended by Amazon reviews and guaranteed the most value for your money. The links are also affiliated- which means that I will get a small % of some of the purchases.

Your Baby Registry Checklist
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