The Full Camping Packing List
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The Full Camping Packing List

This is my full Camping Packing List for Camping with a Baby.
If you want to read first about how to go camping with a baby like a Pro, click here to read the full post. I share many of my best tips for family camping.

I use this Camping Packing List every time we go camping. We went camping with our baby, toddler and kids. Go over this camping packing list, adjust it to your family and add any other items your family would need to have the best camping list ever.
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Family’s Camping Packing List for Camping with a Baby

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  1. Tent: We use a Coleman 5-Person Tent, which is just the right size for us. 
  2. Tarp: we take two traps. One Trap we place under the tent and the other above the tent in case of rain.
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Camping mattress pads or air bed (including pump) if needed
  5. Blankets and pillows
  6. Outdoor mat or picnic blanket
  7. Camping Chairs
  8. Towels
  9. Clothes including bathing suits
  10. Warm clothes for night time
  11. Mosquito Protection: Spray, Candles, Clip-On, and others
  12. Sun-Screen
  13. Huts
  14. Shower utilities
  15. Toilet paper
  16. Stove or Barbecue for cooking
  17. Cooking utilities like pans and cutting board
  18. Cooler- Coleman 20 Can
    We don’t use a big one. We only keep meat and dairy at the cooler.
  19. Portable water tank
  20. Dining utensils: Forks, Spoons, Knives, Plates, Cups
  21. Kitchen paper towels
  22. Table Map
  23. Food: Fruits, Veggies, Meat, Eggs, Bread, Drinks, Spices and more.
  24. Soap and sponge to clean your dishes
  25. Flashlight and Headlamps
  26. Lighters or matches
  27. Books if you like to read
  28. Phone charger
  29. First aid kit
  30. Umbrella and raincoat 
  31. Garbage bags

Baby’s packing list for Camping

  1. Pack n’ Play Playard, Playpen or a travel bassinet for sleeping
    Tip: If you camp with an Infant I would recommend taking a Pack and Play anyway. This way you
    r kid can stay there while you busy cooking, assemble your tent and etc.
  2. Baby Carrier and/or backpack baby carrier.
    If you plan to do some trekking or some walking in the park, it will be better to use a backpack baby carrier. For all other times, you can use your regular carrier.
  3. Bedding and warm blanket for night time.
  4. Net for the bed and the stroller.
  5. Receiving blankets for changing time
  6. Extra clothes and extra shoes
    Tip: Take more clothes than you would think you will use.
  7. Warm clothes for night time.
    Tip: It can be very cold at night time,
    therefore you should bring warm slippers and a jacket for early morning time.
  8. Baby Formula if needed
  9. Baby food
  10. Food utilities
  11. Booster for feeding time
    If you have a small one that you can place on any chair or camping table it will be ideal.
  12. Diapers and Wipes
    Bring as many as you can, you don’t want to be left without diapers.
  13. Small bags for dirty diapers.
  14. Sunscreen and hat.
  15. Mosquito protection for babies
  16. First aid kit including thermostat, medications to treat fever and after-bite cream.
  17. Shower utilities and towels
  18. Hand sanitizer gel
    The gel will be a good tactic to clean your hands before feeding and after changing diapers.
  19. Bathing suit and Swim Pants
    If you planning to go swimming every day, bring more than one bathing suit.
  20. Beach Shelter Tent or Sun Block Beach Umbrella
    If you plan to go to the beach or if you have a sunny campsite, you will need to provide some shade for your LO’.
  21. Beach kids gear like baby float and sand toy set
  22. Toys, games, balls, books

If you camping with a toddler:

  1. Toddler camping bed or air bed.
    We use the Regalo Baby camping bed.  My LO’ really likes this bed. 
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Toddler camping chair
  4. Potty chairs
  5. Many extra clothes.

You can download my list as a PDF for easy print. Click the download link below and a copy will be sent to your mailbox

The Full Camping Packing List

Family Camping Packing List


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