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Mom of the Month: Meet Ronit

Let’s meet Ronit- our Mom of the month. She shares with us her favourite things about Motherhood in Toronto.

Nice To Meet You

You can call me: 
Ronit (pronounced Ro-neat)

My Little Ones are:
Two kids; 3 yr old boy and 8-month-old girl

Three strange or interesting things about my family are:
We love to have dance parties, we love to make pizza and we love to sleep in (or at least I do, my kids have other thoughts about this)

My city and/or neighborhood is:
Midtown Toronto

The three things that you need to know about me are:
I have travelled to 40 countries, I am a salsa dancer and I love eating pizza!

The Coles Notes!

Hours of sleep (How many hours of sleep do you get each night?)
mmm…not enough!

Stroller or carrier?

Breastfeeding or bottle?

Disposable or reusable diapers?

Condo, apartment, or house?

Car or TTC?

Languages I speak:
English & a little bit of Russian & Hebrew

Baby gear that I can’t live without:
Sound machine and soother

Time flies when you’re being a mom

What I enjoyed the most about being on maternity leave was:
Making new mommy friends and spending more time outdoors!

The best things that I do with my LO are:
Sing, dance and read

What I do when I take time for myself is:
Dance classes and TV time

These are a few of my favourite things:

I love Toronto because:
So much culture!

My favorite place in Toronto is:
The Beltline for taking a walk with the kids

The website or app I can’t live without is:
My own obviously…

I shop online at:
Too many to name, but mostly and Amazon

My favorite baby store is:
I always prefer hand me downs first, but if I am buying clothes then Zara and gear/stuff is usually on Amazon or

The best advice I’ve received so far is:
Smile and nod when people give you baby advice, then do what’s right for you!

The best advice that I can give to new moms is:
When it comes to all things baby – you really need to do what works for you and your family. Sleep train, or don’t, breast or formula, co-sleep or don’t. What’s right for you is just right.

More About Me
I am the founder of; a directory of services for moms & moms to be with reviews. It’s like TripAdvisor for moms! You can also find us on Instagram 


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