Toronto Mall List
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Toronto Mall List

The winter is a great time to explore Toronto’s shopping malls, especially when your little one is too small for activities and it’s too cold to stay outside.
This Toronto Malls list is especially useful if you are looking for the mall’s Nursing room.

Toronto Mall List

Fairview Mall

Spacious, easy to access, many seating areas, and lots of elevators.
Cost: $$
Location: Don Mills and Sheppard
TTC: Don Mills Station is located on the Sheppard subway line
There is an elevator to the parking lot, but you need to walk outside 50 meters from the station to the mall (it’s outside, but there is a roof)
Nursing room: Great nursing room located inside the women’s washroom near the food court.
You will find 3 sofas, a changing table, a microwave, a sink, and even a small table with chairs for toddlers.
Children’s Apparel: The Children’s Place, Gymboree, H&M, Sears
Children’s Activities: The movie theater offers movie time for moms and their babies.

Yorkdale Mall

Spacious, lots of elevators, and huge parking lot (be careful not to get lost).
Cost: $$$$
Accessibility: Reserved parking spots for visitors with small children.
Location: Allen Road and Highway 401
TTC: Yorkdale Station is located on the Spadina subway line, but is not accessible at all! There is a one way escalator to go upstairs, but in order to access the mall you need to use stairs to go up and then down again.
Nursing room: Located in the washroom across from Holt Renfrew. The room is large and spacious. You will find sofas, a microwave, a sink, a changing table, and a kids’ play area for older siblings. Nursing mommies—please be aware that this is not restricted to women only, dads can also use this room.
Children’s Apparel: Gap Kids, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, Justice

Eaton Centre

One of the best Fashion destinations and a large mall with a variety of stores. Be warned that the Eaton Centre has a complicated indoor parking lot.
Cost: $$$
Few elevators with a long wait time. It’s a great mall but not particularly baby friendly.
Location: Downtown Toronto: Yonge St between Dundas and Queen.
TTC: Dundas or Queen Stations are located on the Yonge subway line.
Both stations are accessible, however, you will need to take 2 different elevators to get from the station to the mall.
Nursing room: The room is located near the north end of the food court.
It’s basically a family toilet room, and if you want to use the room you will need to call a security guard to open the door for you since it’s locked.
Children’s Apparel: Gap Kids, Gap Baby, The Children’s Place, Gymboree, Disney Store, Old Navy, H&M.

Bayview Village

Fashion high brand, a small mall with only one level so no elevators needed! |
Cost: $$$$$
Accessibility: Many seating areas, easy to navigate parking lot and luxury washroom.
Bayview subway station is accessible, but you will need to walk outside from the station to the mall.
Location: Bayview and Sheppard
TTC: Bayview Station is located on the Sheppard subway line.
Nursing room: The room is located inside the women’s washroom near the main entrance.
You will find a sink, comfortable chairs, and a changing table.
Children’s Apparel:  Gap Kids, Gap Baby, Jacadi, Mastermind Toys
Children’s Activities: There is a library in this mall, the entrance is outside.

Promenade Mall

Located in Thornhill, just outside of Toronto, it is a great mall to walk in with a stroller.
Cost: $$$
Location: Bathurst and Clark
TTC: Take the 160 Bathurst North bus from XX station
Nursing room: The room is located inside the women’s washroom near the food court.
You will find a sink, comfortable chairs, a changing table, and privacy.
Children’s Apparel:  The Children’s Place, Gymboree, Urban Kids, Old Navy, H&M, Sears.
Children’s Activities: 
There is a Gymboree Play and Music is this mall. Click here to go to their website.

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