Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves
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Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves

Canadian moms are very used to the cold winter. After all, if you live in Canada, you can’t survive the long winter without being able to tolerate the cold. But the very thought of taking my newborn baby outside when the temperature is below 0, really freezes my brain. Do you feel the same?

It is good to know that with the right winter baby gear for your baby you can spend some time outside even in the winter. As long as you use the right winter baby gear, you and your baby are good to go.

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In this blog post, I listed all the winter baby gear must-haves I used every day with both of my babies. Both of my daughters born in November.

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Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves items

1. Car Seat Cover

Baby car seat covers are the perfect accessory for cold weather travel with your little one. The car seat cover going on top of the car seat to protect from cold and wind. In the cold Canadian winter, parents prefer to take the baby in and out of the car with the car seat.
For safety reasons just note that you should not place any blanket or extra padding underneath the baby.

2. Stroller Muff Or Stroller winter blanket.

A warm and soft fleece stroller muff prevents baby from wind and cold in winter while strolling outside during the winter. My advice to you is to purchase a universal stroller blanket or muff so you will be able to use it with your main stroller as well as your bassinet and later in an umbrella stroller.

3. Stroller Cover or Stroller Wind Weather Shield

Before you go outside, make sure your stroller is covered well. As a Canadian mom, I’m sure you already know that the cold is less about temperature and more about the wind. A stroller cover will help you protect your baby from the wind chill and on a snowy or rainy day, the stroller cover will keep your baby (and your stroller) dry.
Read more about what you should look for in a winter stroller cover here.

4. Baby Snow Suit

A cozy baby bunting is just what you need to keep little ones warm in the Canadian winter. It is definitely one of the winter’s must-haves for babies, as well as toddlers and kids. Make sure the snowsuit is with warm down insulation and hands and feet are covered well.
Good brands for baby snowsuit are Baby Gap & Colombia. There are also more affordable suits at Walmart and Winners that are just as good.

5. Buckle Me Coats for the car

While coats & car seats do not mix (see video and safety tips below) Buckle Me Coats solves a big problem that most parents have as temperatures start to drop and kids are going back and forth to the car. 
The Buckle Me Coat was designed upside down by moving the zipper to the shoulder, as opposed to down the middle. This allows parents to easily unzip the coat, buckle the seat belt under the jacket and then zip the coat back up over the straps.
The coats are crash tested and evaluated by Child Passenger Safety Technicians, first responders and EMTs. There are various styles & colours to choose from and range from $59.99 – $129.99. 

This item will save you tons of time if you drive your kids every day during the wintertime!
You can get $10 off on any Buckle Me item with coupon code: TorontoNewMom or click here

Baby Winter Gear Safety Tips

  • Don’t overdress your baby: Don’t use a snowsuit, stroller muff and a stroller cover altogether. Make a decision based on the temperature outside.
  • Make sure the baby can breathe properly and never cover his/her face.
  • When you getting inside remove all layers as soon as possible.
  • You should never place your child in a car seat with a suit or a jacket.

Safety first: Jacket and snowsuit do not belong in the car seat!

Most of the snowsuits and jackets leave a few inches of slacks in the straps. This is extremely dangers for our babies in the case of an accident. Instead of a winter jacket or a snowsuit, cover your child in a blanket after you buckle him/her. or you a car seat cover on top. Watch the video below for more details

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Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves
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