Going Outside With Your Baby In Winter
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Going Outside With Your Baby In Winter

Both of my daughters were born in November and after the first few crazy weeks at home, I was ready to go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

However, it was the end of December by then and the low temperature and the wind chill ruined my plans. There was no ignoring the reality that was knocking on my door – It was cold outside.

I’m used to the cold winter. After all, if you live in Canada, you can’t survive the long winter without being able to tolerate the cold. But the very thought of taking my newborn baby outside when the temperature is below 0, really freezes my brain. I feel like everyone would agree that Maternity leave can be challenging during the wintertime.

So is that it? If I have a winter baby, should I stay at home all the time?

No! Even though I can’t spend all of my day outside, there are tons of opportunities to go out with the proper gear and clothing. And there are many good reasons to do so.

5 reasons to go outside with your baby during winter 

  1. It gives you Vitamin D – We all know by now that Vitamin D is essential to women, particularly new mothers, and the best way to get vitamin D is naturally from the sun.
  2. You get some fresh air.- Fresh air is good for both your health and your baby’s health. Experts have said that fresh air means better baby naps and will help them sleep through the night.
  3. It helps fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – It’s a depressing time of year and even just going outside can help lift your mood.
  4. You get to get social – Whether you’re meeting your friends, going to events, and taking Mommy and Baby classes – they all require you to step outside with your baby. Avoiding going outside in the winter meaning missing some great social opportunities for you and your kid.
  5. You need to go outside to stay active – 30 minutes of walking a few times a week can have a significant impact on your health, especially after a pregnancy.

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How to go outside with your baby during the winter

1. Check the weather

If the temperature is above zero and the wind is less than 15 km/h, it is definitely a good day for a walk outside. Otherwise, check the temperature and the wind chill before making a decision. I also found that when it is sunny, it doesn’t feel as cold as a cloudy day. However, when an extreme weather alert is in effect, it is better to stay indoors.

2. Dress properly for the weather

Dress your little munchkin in a few layers. It is recommended for babies to wear one extra layer then us and a snowsuit above your child’s clothes will keep them warm. If this is your first winter with a baby, you can check our guide for Winter baby gear must-haves.

3. Keep your baby warm in the stroller

A good blanket or a stroller sleeping bag will keep your baby inside the stroller. Being comfortable in the stroller will help your child to fall asleep.  

4. Cover your stroller properly

Before you go outside, make sure your stroller is covered well. As a Canadian mom, I’m sure you already know that the cold is less about temperature and more about the wind. A stroller cover will help you protect your baby from the wind chill and on a snowy or rainy day, the stroller cover will keep your baby (and your stroller) dry.

Manito Stroller Cover for winter
I use Manito stroller cover Castle Beta – Navy with my Graco Click Connect

What should you look for in a winter stroller cover?

  1. Make sure the cover allows for enough air circulation to the baby.
  2. Check that the cover fits your stroller and all of your seating options (face in, face out, and sleeping mode).
  3. The baby should have a clear window to see through.
  4. Make sure the cover has a substantial entryway for easy access to the seat and for taking the baby in/out. 
Going Outside With Your Baby In Winter
Here are key features of Manito stroller covers that make them perfect for winter and all year round

My last tip for going outside with your baby in the winter

Before you go outside with your baby in the winter, feed and change just before you leave the house. Feeding and changing a baby outside in the winter is challenging. The best timing for going outside is when you know that the baby will nap soon.

I wish you a great winter, with lots of days outside. If you have any question feel free to use the comments section below.

5 reasons to go outside with your baby during winter and a full guide on how to do it right

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