How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
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How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave

A year off from work seemed like an amazing idea when you were pregnant. You planned long walks outside with your brand new stroller, meeting friends at coffee shops, and sunny days on the beach. But the winter season came, and in Canada, that means a very long and cold season where you can barely stay outside. And taking your newborn baby outside in this cold is out of the question.

Staying at home all day can affect your mood as well, and as a new mom, I’m sure you want to be your best around your precious newborn baby.
So how are you going to survive this winter maternity leave at home?

As a maternity leave expert, I can assure you that it’s possible to survive the winter and make the most out of this season. Follow my tips below and summer will be here before you know it.

The 10 best tips on how to survive your winter maternity leave

1. Go outside for walks (when it is possible)

It is recommended to go out for a walk, even during the cold winter season. Staying outside, and breathing fresh air is essential for you and your little one’s health. Try to take advantage of the days when it is not so cold. Follow my rules:
When the temperature is above 5 degrees, and the wind is below 10km, you MUST go outside for a walk! When the temperature is -2 to +4, you MUST go outside to get some fresh air.
Click here to read my blog post on
How to go outside with your baby during the winter.
Check our list of Winter Baby Gear Must-Haves

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Go outside when you can

2. Make some phone calls

Make a habit of chatting over the phone with a friend at least once a day. No texting, no emails, or online chat. An actual phone call. Use your phone for its original purpose. Nothing can compare to the sound of hearing someone’s voice.

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Talk daily over the phone

3. Go for Mommy and Baby classes and activities

Toronto, like many other cities and towns in Canada, offers many Mommy and me indoor programs that you can join during the winter. For the best Mommy and Baby Programs and Activities in Toronto click here to visit my guide.
Please check with the programs that in-person class are still happening. Covid restrictions and limits changes all the time and we don’t update this page frequently.

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Go to Mommy & Baby program

4. Schedule playdates with other moms like you.

Meet other moms for playdates at your place or theirs. New moms always have lots to talk about, and the babies can play together. You can order some food, have a coffee, or maybe a glass of wine. Trust me, having a glass of wine in the middle of the day is the best!
Covid note: Make sure in-person meeting are safe and for you and your little ones.

5. Visit the mall

Pack your diaper bag and go for a few hours to stroll around the mall. The malls are the perfect place to spend a cold winter day. Free parking, nursing rooms, and many coffee shops make the mall for the ideal place to visit with your newborn baby. You can take long walks there and maybe reach your Fitbit daily step goal as well. If you live in Toronto, don’t forget to check out my Toronto’s Mall list guide.

Covid note: Make sure the mall is open during this time.

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
It is Mall time!

6. Exercise in your living room

Spending the entire winter indoors can be hard on you when you are used to being active. Keeping your exercise routine or visiting the gym or your favourite Yoga studio is almost impossible with a newborn baby. However, there are many activities you can do at home.  You can practice Yoga, Pilates, or your favourite activity with a Youtube video guide like this one.

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Practice Yoga in your living room when baby sleep

7. Get a Cardio Machine

If possible, get yourself a cardio machine. This way you can exercise a bit every day. Even 15 minutes on the treadmill, would be better than nothing at all. If you place a treadmill or elliptical cardio machine in your place, you can jump on it twice a day while still watching the baby. On my second maternity leave, I got myself a treadmill and placed it in my living room so I can walk a few minutes every now and then. My treadmill (Healthrider H20is a “Space Saver” model, and it can fold up to minimize the space it takes up. 

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
My Living room

8. Take vitamin D daily

During the winter, everyone needs some extra vitamin D. This is even more important when you spend most

of your day indoors for extended periods of time. Make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin D according to Health Canada’s recommendations.

9. Take Multivitamins

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Take Multivitamin daily

To make sure your body has everything that it needs, take a daily multivitamin for women or a prenatal multivitamin if you are breastfeeding. I find it very important for my body when I spend a lot of my time indoors. If you shop at Costco, buy there all of your Vitamins- it will save you lots of $. 

10. Finish all of your To Do lists before summer comes!

How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
Finish your to-do list and plan your summer!

I’m sure you planned to finish many tasks during your maternity leave. Tasks like decorating your house, setting up a playroom, or maybe taking an online course that you always wanted to take. Winter is the perfect time to complete all of your tasks. So when the summer is here, you will be able to spend every single day outside, living the maternity leave of your dreams!
And don’t forget about the most important task: Plan Your Summer!

Do you have another tip to add? Did I miss something? Comment below with your own tips or advice.

DISCLAIMER: THIS BLOG POST DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Please consult with your healthcare provider before you take vitamins.

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How To Survive Your Winter Maternity Leave
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