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Toronto New Mom: Things to Know as a new mom in Toronto.

All the things you need to know as a new mom in Toronto and the GTA in one place: From Daycare, Subsidy for daycare, breastfeeding support and places to shop for newborn baby items.

  • Finding daycare in Toronto
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    Finding daycare in Toronto

    One of the most important things new moms spend time on during their maternity leave is finding daycare for their LO’.Questions about daycare and talks about waiting list are the most common topics among new moms in Toronto. I tried here…

  • Breastfeeding Support in Toronto
    Things To Know

    Breastfeeding Support in Toronto

    If you looking for breastfeeding support in Toronto, you can choose from 3 options available to you in Toronto. Options for Breastfeeding Support in Toronto OHIP-covered (or partially covered) services: Public or private clinics Private providers: Doctors or lactation consultants Support groups for Breastfeeding in Toronto…

  • Getting a Subsidy for Daycare
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    Getting a Subsidy for Daycare

    As we all know, the cost of childcare in Toronto is the highest in Canada. According to the CBC, Median costs for infant care in Toronto is $1,736 a month! This is absolutely crazy. Family with two kids under the age of four could…

  • Toronto Baby Store Guide
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    Toronto Baby Store Guide

    This is just a short guide for Toronto Baby Stores. You can find here all stores in Toronto that sell baby items, baby gear, and Baby Clothes. Toronto Baby Store Guide Baby Apparel Stores in Toronto 1. The Children’s Place 2.…

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