Breastfeeding Gear in Toronto
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Breastfeeding Gear in Toronto

How to get Breast Pump for New Moms in Toronto ?

Breastfeed is the best option to feed your newborn. We all know that. However, when you need a breast pump and other breastfeeding supplies it can be quite expensive. If you not sure if you want to use a pump or you need it for only a short time, renting is the best bet; if you need it for a longer term, it will be cheaper to buy.

Breast pump rental in Toronto

First ask at the hospital where you’re planning to give birth, as many of Toronto’s hospitals offer breast pump rentals.

Here are a few places where you can rent a breast pump:

1. Toronto Breast Pump Rental

2. Medela

3. North York General Hospital

4. Women’s College Hospital

5. Canada Care Medical

6. Online  Breastpump rental.
A new store in Toronto located at Michael Garron Hospital. You can rent online and get home delivery an pick up 7 days a week. 

Breastfeeding Gear in Toronto

Buying Breast pump in Toronto

Before you purchase a breast pump, which can be very expensive, think about your average use of the breast pump and by that define what kind do you need to purchase.

  1. If you plan to pump all the time and feed your baby with a bottle only you will need a Double Electric pump.
  2. If you plan to pump once a day only you can use Electric One side Breastpump.
  3. If you plan to pump occasionally only, you can use a manual pump, which is less expensive.

You can find breast pumps at every baby gear store – click here for our Toronto Baby Store list.

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Breastfeeding Gear in Toronto
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