Mom of The Month

Mom of the Month: Meet Natalie

Nice to meet you!

You can call me

My Little One’s is
Rebecca, she is two months old.

My city and/or neighborhood is
Richmond hill

The three things that you need to know about me are:
Love outdoors, enjoy spending time with my kids, as well being social with friends

The Coles Notes!

Hours of sleep
It varies, around 3-5

Stroller or carrier?
Both ?

Breastfeeding or bottle?
Mainly breastfeeding, occasional bottle

Disposable or reusable diapers?

Condo, apartment, or house?

Car or TTC?

Languages I speak:
English, Hebrew, Russian

Baby gear that I can’t live without:
Right now the carrier

Time flies when you’re being a mom

What I enjoyed the most about being on maternity leave was:
Walks outside

The best things that I do with my LO are:
Spend time to learn each other

What I do when I take time for myself is:
Rest on the couch and watch some tv

These are a few of my favourite things:

I love Toronto because:
Its a big city where you can always find what to do

My favorite place in Toronto:
The beaches

The website or app I can’t live without:
Whats up and Facebook

My favorite baby store:
Master mind toys

The best advice I’ve received so far:
When i get mad, count before reacting to my toddler’s foolishness

The best advice that I can give for new moms:
As the child grows the more fun things you cam do, and it all gets better and worth it

Many thanks Natalie for sharing this with us. We wish you wonderful maternity leave and many hours of sleep 🙂

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