Breastfeeding Support in Toronto
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Breastfeeding Support in Toronto

If you looking for breastfeeding support in Toronto, you can choose from 3 options available to you in Toronto.

Options for Breastfeeding Support in Toronto

  1. OHIP-covered (or partially covered) services: Public or private clinics
  2. Private providers: Doctors or lactation consultants
  3. Support groups for Breastfeeding in Toronto


OHIP-covered (or partially covered) services: Public or private clinics

1. Toronto Public Health Breastfeeding Clinics

2. York Region Breastfeeding Clinics

3. Better Breastfeeding

4. The Victoria Park Breastfeeding Clinic

5. The Breastfeeding Collective at Kindercare Pediatrics

Private providers: Doctors or lactation consultants

1. The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI)

2. GTA Breastfeeding

3. Nutmeg Consulting

Breastfeeding Support groups in Toronto

1. Toronto Public Health

2. La Leche League

There are also many Breastfeeding support groups for new moms on Facebook

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