2021 Summer Outfits For Moms
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2021 Summer Outfits For Moms

Every year we eagerly wait for summer to come. But this year, something is different. After a year and “we’ve stopped counting” at home, working in our home offices, and multitasking everything else it’s finally time.

With more businesses opening, covid restrictions being lifted (hello patios), and many people getting the second dose of their Covid vaccination the time has arrived. We can finally be optimistic and make some actual plans for the summer. I can not tell you how excited I am to go outside, meet my girlfriends for lunch, and go with my family to a summer getaway in Ontario.

We all have big plans for the summer of 2021. This summer will be a mix of working from home or from the office in some cases. There will be lots of drives for kids’ activities, family get-togethers, patios, summer getaways to the cottage, and lots of shopping and errands that we’ve postponed for months. 

Before we start, I would like to thank Hatley for helping me bring this content to you. 

What are we going to wear this summer?

After a year of wearing leggings at home, taking video calls with PJ and making an unforgettable appearance in a1st grade Google class, I’m ready to get dressed up!!!! 

We are all ready to freshen up our summer wardrobe. Ready to enjoy the summer with our family outside. Planned vacations, patios with friends and summer family parties (just say the word, I’m coming over) we all want to enjoy the nice weather and look our best. 

I have a few tips for you to help you dress up, feel great, and make the most out of your summer look. 

2021 Summer Outfits For Moms: Sunshine to Sunset Outfit

I would like to share with you my best tactics for choosing my 2021 Summer Outfit. 

Effortless fit

To enjoy being outside all day long, your fabric choice matters. Choose Laidback fabrics for hot summer days, especially when you are running around after your little one. 

Enjoy summer colours as long as you can

As a Canadian, you already know that summer will be gone before we know it. Enjoy the beautiful summer colours as much as you can. It is time to shine, and time to celebrate. 

Focus on classic styles 

Focus on classic styles that can carry you through many years without looking dated. Especially for the Canadian summer- it is so short anyway, so make sure any new item that you purchase will serve you for the following summer as well. 

2021 Summer Outfits For Moms- Focus on classic styles

Sunshine to sunset outfit

One of the changes I adopted as a new mom is to have multifunction items in my wardrobe. Dresses and shirts that will look great with flat shoes in the morning and dressy at night with a small heel. 

It is the #1 rule when packing for a summer getaway. You need sunshine to sunset outfit that will look great for breakfast, a beach day with the kids, and an evening walk in the downtown village. 

2021 Summer Outfits For Moms- sunshine to sunset outfir

Hatley 2021 Summer outfits

Hatley summer styles can be worn again and again. Not just because the quality of the fabrics is so great, but also because of the classic styles. I also found the sizes are just right. Medium is an actual medium and if this is your size you will feel good and comfortable. You can check Hatley’s summer collection here. Head over to my Instagram and let me know what is your favourite item

I wish you the best summer ever. Stay safe and enjoy every day you can. 

2021 Summer Outfits For Moms
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