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The Mom List: 60 Things To Do Inside During COVID-19

This week, we are officially “celebrating” one month at home with our kids. Oh Lord, what a month. 


It has probably been the most challenging time of my life. I know we are all in the same boat right now. One thing I try to remember is not to get upset by the things I cannot change! Instead, I am doing my best to work on the things I can change.

The list below is my mommy to-do list for COVID-19. This is not a list of kids’ activities or arts and crafts. You will also not find ideas like “watch every episode of Friends on Netflix”. You don’t need me to tell you to do these things. I have a feeling we can all come up with ideas like those very quickly. 

My mommy to-do list for things to do at home during COVID-19 is a list full of productive ideas. Things that you should finish right now, so you will have more time during the summer to spend outside with your family. This is a list full of essential tasks to complete when you are stuck at home or just fun things to do by yourself to cheer up.

If your house looks like this, consider yourself lucky

Things To Do Inside Right Now During Covid-19

Baby and Toddler

  • Give your baby a massage.
  • Toilet training (probably the best time ever). 
  • Sleep training for the little ones. 
  • Complete the baby’s first year book that you’ve always wanted to finish.
  • Organize your baby clothes and set aside the ones that are too small for storage or donation.
  • Take baby photos at home, here are some ideas.
  • Check all your baby items at home and set aside all the things you can sell or donate.  

Please note that some charities are currently overrun with donations and may not be able to accept yours. Always call to check first and make sure that they’re accepting donations. Some charities such as the Canadian Diabetes Association will even come and pick up your donations from your home.

House Chores 

  • Clean your blinds and curtains (there’s no better time to do that). 
  • Clean your windows (again, it’s now or never). 
  • Wash your backpack and handbags.
  • Clean your winter boots. 
  • Clean the baby stroller (using a vacuum is my helpful tip).  
  • Work on your garden or your balcony plants.
  • Declutter your kitchen, creating a tidy space to cook in.

Tech Chores 


Family time (like all the time) 

Organizing is my middle name 

Mommy planner

Mommy Self- development 

Mommy’s Time 


  • Make Homemade pizza.
  • Cook the one thing you’ve always wanted to cook but never had the time to. 
  • Make and decorate cookies with your kids. 
  • Join the legions of new bakers on the internet and learn how to make bread.

The Mom List: 60 Things To Do Inside During COVID-19

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