Living in a Condo with a Baby
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Living in a Condo with a Baby

I often hear from “moms to be” that they are worried about how they are going to live in a condo with their newborn baby.

Is living in a condo with a baby going to work?

Since the prices for homes in Toronto just keep going up and so many new families now live in condos (or an apartment building), I thought it would be a good idea to tell you ladies about my experiences while living in a condo with a newborn baby.

When my LO was born I was living in an uptown Toronto neighborhood in a small, one bedroom condo! Yes, it was only a single bedroom and about 680 square feet. When my husband and I moved into the condo, we thought that we would live there for one year. The plan was always to move to a bigger place once we had a kid. What we didn’t know was that I was already pregnant at the time. For about 9 months, I was very nervous about my space situation. I worried that we wouldn’t have enough space for the first few months and that it would be one big dysfunctional mess. Today I can say that I was completely wrong. I was worried for nothing.

First, my LO slept in her own crib inside of our room. While the extra bedroom would have been nice, I still would have wanted to keep her crib in my room. Even if we had the extra space, I liked keeping my LO close to where we were sleeping.

Second, living in a condo actually was a blessing for the first few months. A small space also means that you don’t have to clean a lot and that everything you need is easily within reach. The truth is that you don’t really need a lot of space when you are sitting all day on your couch and breastfeeding. We planned to stay in our one bedroom condo until our LO turned six months old and then move out during the summer. However, when Emily was three months old the condo that we were living in was sold and we had to move out. We moved to a two-bedroom condo that also had a den. It was 11,000 square feet which were very spacious compared to what we were used to.

Today, I know that living with a baby in a condo (of any size) can have some great benefits.

Benefits of living in a condo with a baby

1. Everything is within the reach of your hand – very convenient when you have a newborn.Living in a condo allowed me to cook in my kitchen and still watch my baby playing.

Living in a Condo with a Baby

2. No stairs in your home mean that you don’t have to climb to the second floor. A friend of mine had to sleep in her living room for two months after her C-section. She was in too much pain and avoided climbing up the stairs while she dreamt of having a condo apartment.

3. Living in a condo usually also means that you have a pool inside the building along with a little gym. Isn’t it just perfect? I used to put my LO in the stroller for her nap and go the condo’s gym for my daily exercise time. I would set the stroller beside me and use one of the cardio machines. Otherwise, there would be no way that I could exercise at all during the day.

Living in a Condo with a Baby

I also started to use the pool when Emily was 6 months old. It is the perfect activity for a winter day or a rainy summer day.

Living in a Condo with a Baby

4. The last big benefit of living in a condo is the indoor parking. For me, parking in a warm indoor garage is truly a blessing. If you can attach the car seat to your stroller, it’s even better. You can save yourself from straining your back by not having to carry the car seat.

I really like living in the city and having everything that I need close by. So when living in a condo, I can put my baby in the stroller while I’m still inside and organize all the things I need. Once I’m all set, going outside is as simple as waiting for an elevator. I even used to go to the grocery store with the stroller, use the stroller basket as a cart, and then bring my groceries right to the front of my fridge without having to lift a single bag. It can’t get any easier.

This all for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below ⇓

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Living in a Condo with a Baby
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