Celebrate a Kindergarten Graduation
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Celebrate a kindergarten Graduation

Watching your child grow up is such a wonderful experience. It seems like first, you’re holding your newborn, and then they’re in school. One minute, they are crying in the cradle, and the next they are running out the door. Time goes so quickly. One way to slow things down is to celebrate all of your child’s milestones. Birthdays and holidays are generally recognized and celebrated, but you should also celebrate your child’s accomplishments. With the end of the school year coming up, now is the perfect time to celebrate kindergarten graduation.

Why Celebrate Kindergarten Graduation

1. Instills confidence

You should celebrate kindergarten graduation to celebrate your child’s accomplishments. It’s important to instill confidence in your child early by recognizing their achievements. Your child will feel like what they do matters if you take the time to recognize all they have done. 

2. Creates Memories 

Another reason to celebrate your child’s graduation from kindergarten is that it creates memories. Even if your child might be too young to remember everything, it’s important to create memories from an early age. Your child might not remember all the details, but they will remember they were loved. Celebrating the smaller milestones will help them feel cherished their whole life.

3. It’s fun!

Celebrating with your kids is always so fun! It’s not always easy to round everybody up and go out to dinner or to the park, but once you get out there, it’s really great fun. Planning a graduation party for your child might be a bit of a hassle, but you’ll all enjoy it once it starts. 

The Best Activities for Kindergarten Graduation

There are a lot of ways to celebrate kindergarten graduation, but here are a few of the best:

1. Do something special on their last day of school 

To celebrate all they’ve done over the last year, take your little grad out after their last day of school. Let them choose where they want to go to celebrate. Go to their favorite restaurant, park, or store. Get them their favorite dinner or dessert. If you want to save money, go home and watch their favorite movie and cook their favorite meal. Remind them of how proud you are, and how excited you are to celebrate now that school is over. 

2. Have a mini-graduation ceremony

Nowadays, more and more schools are having their own graduation ceremony for kindergarteners. if your school is not celebrating a graduation, hold your own graduation. Invite friends and neighbors for the ceremony, and have everyone dress up a bit. Get a little cap and gown for your grad, and let them walk to receive a diploma in the ceremony. Take pictures of your little graduate holding their certificate in their cap and gown. Your child will feel so proud of themselves at their graduation. And the pictures will look adorable on Instagram!

Celebrate a Kindergarten Graduation

3. Send out grad announcement

After your mini-graduation, send out graduation announcements to your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of. For ideas on what type of card to send out, take a look at these graduation invites. You can even have your child help make the announcements using a custom stationery company, like Basic Invite. Basic Invite’s designs are all customizable, so your child can help create the cards they want. Your little grad can choose the color scheme and font type for their announcements. They will be so proud to send out cards they helped make! You can also save their kindergarten announcement for when they graduate high school. You can display their announcement from kindergarten next to their high school graduation announcement. Both cards hanging together on your wall will look adorable.

4. Throw a party

Invite all your child’s friends over for a party to celebrate finishing their first year of school. You can plan a few graduation-themed activities for the kids to do. The kids can make memory books with photos from the school year. Buy some booklets the kids can decorate in from the dollar store. Provide stickers, ribbons, buttons, and glitter for the kids to use. Don’t forget glue and tape to hold everything in place. 

The Best Activities for Kindergarten Graduation

Another fun activity is finger painting caterpillars and butterflies. Finger painting is super fun for little kids, and butterflies represent all the growth they went through over the last year. You could also have the kids make time capsules for their future selves. Have them write down their hopes, dreams, and advice for their older selves and put it all in mason jars. Give the mason jars to the parents to keep until the kids are ready to graduate high school or college. It will be so delightful for the kids to read what their younger selves wrote. And you’ll enjoy looking back on old memories with your child as well. 

Children really are a beautiful miracle in our lives. Appreciate the time you have with them while they are young. And celebrate all the milestones, even the little ones, like kindergarten graduation. Whether you throw a party, send out announcements, hold a mini-graduation, or just take them to dinner on their last day of school, remember to show your child how proud you are of them. It will help them grow up confident and self-assured, and you’ll be creating more memories to look back on. 

Celebrate a kindergarten Graduation

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Celebrate a kindergarten Graduation with best kids activities

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