The All-in-One Swaddle from Nested Bean
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The All-in-One Swaddle from Nested Bean

Any new mother knows that swaddling is a huge thing from day one. It’s being tough at new mommy classes, in the hospital, and all the mommy bloggers talk about it. It’s an age-old practice that offers a resemblance to the womb your baby has become accustomed to. But what if your baby is just not having it?

Not all babies are a fan of the swaddle. Some feel too restricted and not only will you be fighting to get your baby swaddled, but you’re going to be hearing your baby’s rejection of the matter loudly.

The good news is that there is an alternative out there and a company that promotes better sleep for both baby and mom – Nested Bean.

The founded of Nested Bean

Founded by a mom who was in desperate need of sleep herself. Nested Bean was developed after a simple act of putting her hand on her baby’s chest with a stuffed animal. The result was her baby sleeping under gentle pressure. Then, came tons of research and consulting with doctors and pediatric pulmonologists. And this is how the world’s first gently weighted Swaddle and Nested Bean were born!

Tested in leading safety laboratories, and inspected by pediatric pulmonologists for breathing safety. The All-in-One Zen Sleepwear exceeds rigorous safety standards, both mandatory and voluntary, by over 8 times.

So, what is this alternative option to the classic swaddle? Nested Bean’s All-in-One Zen One™ swaddle.

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Zen One™ All-in-One Swaddle

The versatile Zen One™ swaddle is gently weighted to mimic the pressure of your embrace. It’s designed to adapt to every sleep style. Providing continuous comfort as baby grows. With a secure band to keep baby’s arms down like a traditional swaddle. The band can also wrap around the belly for arms-free sleeping while still offering the security a swaddle gives.

Also designed with detachable mesh sleeves. When attached keeps your baby’s arms from flailing about keeping them awake, but still allows for self-soothing. When detached, your baby can freely move their arms with no restrictions. You’ll also love the 2-way zipper that makes nighttime diaper changes a breeze.

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So, don’t keep fighting with your baby and the swaddle and don’t stress if it’s just not working. Instead, let Nested Bean help with their smart, safe, intuitive sleep wellness products and try out the Zen One™ swaddle today for a more restful night.

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