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Nested Bean Review: Should You Get One For Your Baby?

By Rose Wan

I’m sure you all have seen before the Nested Bean products and wondered about this line of items. The Nested Bean products have a little egg shape that is chest level to the baby. This little egg provides a tiny bit of weight, like a hand, pressing down on their chest or back (only for babies that can rollover), presumably allowing them to sleep better.

We were first introduced to the swaddles when they were given to us by my parents-in-law. They believe that weighted blankets help them sleep better. We, though, do not use any added weight in our blankets.

I wanted to share a bit from our experience using the Nested Bean products. I divided it into two lists so you will get the full honest picture when you make your purchase decision.

Here are the Nested Bean Pros:

1. The little weight doesn’t interfere with baby’s breathing capability, so we feel safe with it.

2. The swaddles were easy to bind to a newborn since it had Velcro. We wish we had brought some to the hospital with us since the receiving blankets used at the hospital were more cumbersome to wrap around the baby and stay put.

3. The sizes can last a while. We used the swaddles for a few months. Since the baby was able to get her hands out of the swaddles or push the swaddle over her face, we stopped swaddling at an early age, like a month old. We were still able to swaddle under her arms, with her arms out. Then, once she started kicking the middle part out, we moved on to 0-6 months of sleep sacks. Now, we just started to use the 6-15 months of sleep sacks, but there is room to grow.

4. There are different fabric material and thickness of swaddles and sleep sacks. It can go from 0.5 TOG for the summer to 2.5 TOG for the winter. We have only used the cotton (1.0 TOG) and bamboo premier ones (0.5 TOG), and we like it!

5. There is a variety of designs, so we are able to switch a different design every day!

6. With the swaddle and sleep sacks, there is room around the waist and legs for the baby’s legs and hips to move around, to prevent hip dysplasia that may occur when swaddling is too tight around the hips.

7. We can put anything under her sleep sack or swaddle, depending on the temperature and what she feels most comfortable in. Most of the time, she wears a long sleeve shirt.

8. There are different products offered by Nested Bean – we didn’t need it all yet, but it’s available for those who do, like a sleeper, a convertible swaddle, sleep sacks, and swaddles.

9. The quality of the products is good, in our opinion. We haven’t had a thread run, the material is soft, and, overuse, it has lasted. She seems comfortable in it, too.

Nested Bean Review Our collection of Nested Bean items
Our collection of Nested Bean items

10. The double zipper makes it easy to change diapers in.

11. It took less than a week to ship. Shipping was free with a minimum purchase of $60.

What to consider before buying

1. I’m not 100% sure if the bean has that big of an effect on my baby. She is able to nap in almost anything! We mostly put her in the sleep sack every night because of routine and ease with diaper changes.

2. The price is up there with premium products at $40 a swaddle to $55 a sleep sack.

So all in all, we love the Nested Bean products, and bought more recently.

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