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How to Self-Care Like the Stars

Despite what you’ve heard, self-care should not just be reserved for Sundays, and due to the turbulent climate we are living in, it is more important than ever to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine! Self-care can be incredibly beneficial for not only keeping you sane during this chaotic time but for promoting overall wellbeing and happiness. Especially when it comes to moms to be, creating a routine that works for you can provide the much-needed relaxation and pick me up needed to get through the day. 

If you’re a self-care newbie, there are a few pillars you can fall back on when DIYing a self-care routine specific to you. Keep in mind, however, that there is no “right” way to practice self-care. Whether you need beauty, fitness or personal development hacks to give you the boost you need, each of these pillars can be vital to giving you the framework to build a routine that will last! 

  1. Use Your Support System: Knowing when to reach out when you need help is key to self-care. If you’re feeling particularly disconnected from your closest friends, schedule a weekly recurring date in your calendar to touch base with them.
  2. Be kind to yourself: If you haven’t felt like your usual self during this quarantine, you might fall into the trap of being frustrated with yourself. Instead, take the opportunity to be kind and more patient with yourself. Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can.
  3. Prioritize sleep, nutrition, and exercise: Sleep, diet, and exercise are the three keys to proper health. Since it’s nearly impossible to keep up ideal eating habits, sleep schedules, and fitness routines, start by focusing on one and build upon it. When you pick one area to prioritize, and the others will come more naturally.

Realizing you need to practice self-care is relatively easy, but actually doing it is the hard part. Luckily the folks at Tommy John rounded up self-care tips from top self-care savvy celebs to give you the inspiration you need! Explore their visual below and get started making a routine that will work for you. 

How to Self-Care Like the Stars
How to Self-Care Like the Stars
How to Self-Care Like the Stars

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How to self care like the stars
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