What should I pack in my hospital bag for labor?
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Hospital Bag Checklist

Congratulations! Your due date is coming soon, and it is time to pack your hospital bag for your big day. It is a very exciting moment. If you are asking yourself what you need to pack in your hospital bag, you have come to the right place for Hospital Bag Checklist.  In this blog post, I will cover what to pack in your hospital bag if you are going to have your baby in Canada.

How to pack my Hospital Bag?

The first thing is that you should pack 2 separate bags:

  1. Small bag for the delivery room.
  2. Large bag for yourself and your baby for after the birth. This bag will be used in the Mom and baby unit, and you will need all the essentials for you and your baby.

When to pack my Hospital Bag?

Nothing is wrong with packing your hospital bag ahead of time, but don’t leave it too late. Make sure your bag is ready by week 37. Let your partner know where you’ve placed the hospital bag and what he would need to add in before he leaves the house (chargers or any snacks/drinks). This is in case he ends up being the one to bring the hospital bag to you.

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Canadian Hospitals

Hospital bag for the delivery room

  1. Your Birth plan
  2. Everything you need and plan to use in the delivery room: music, yoga/exercise ball, comfortable pillow, oil for massage and anything else you need for birth and delivery.
  3. Bottle of water or other drinks.
  4. Snacks for you and your partner. Crackers, energy bars, almonds, and lollipops can work well.   
  5. A cup with a straw for easy drinking.  
  6. Slippers or flip-flops.
  7. Phone and charger.
  8. Identification and health card.
  9. Camera and/or video camera.
  10. Lip balm.
  11. A hair tie for long hair.

Mom Hospital bag

  1. Comfortable clothing: PJs, housecoat, flip-flops, socks. Choose clothes for easy breastfeeding.
  2. Going home outfit for you. You are still allowed to wear your maternity clothes 🙂
  3. Sanitary pads – maxi size. Bring a full pack (around 20).
  4. Mesh Postpartum Underwear (you will get a few at the hospital, but some moms uses those a few days after the birth
  5. Underwear. Make sure they’re pairs you don’t really care about.
  6. Comfortable Nursing bra
  7. Nursing pillow. You will need a good nursing pillow. The hospital might provide you with one.  However, nursing pillows at the hospitals are pretty old and well used. I would recommend bringing your own.  
  8. Towels.
  9. Toiletries: Toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, unscented lotions.
  10. Kleenex.
  11. Snacks for you and your partner.
  12. A pillow for sleeping- The hospital will provide you with one, but you can also bring your own to feel comfortable. Bedding shouldn’t be white (hospital’s requirement), only bright colors or patterns.
  13. Notebook and a pen (to follow up on baby feeding and diapers). you can also uses your phone

Hospital Bag for your baby

  1. Diapers – Newborn size. I would pack around 20.
  2. Baby Wipes.
  3. Baby Diaper cream.
  4. Baby clothing for the hospital stay: Undershirts, sleepers or nightgown, hats, socks and mittens.
  5. Receiving blankets. You can get as many receiving blankets as you want from the hospital. If you prefer to use your own, you can bring them with you.
  6. Baby towel for baby’s first bath.
  7. Baby blanket.
  8. Going-home outfit for baby.
  9. Baby gentle soap.
  10. Baby car seat.
  11. Car seat winter cover – if it is the winter season.
  12. If you are planning to bottle feed your baby, bring baby formula for Stage 1 and the bottle you would like to use. The hospital should provide the formula if this is your choice. However, they only offer one option to the best of my knowledge.

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Hospital Bag Checklist
Hospital Bag Checklist

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