Getting a Subsidy for Daycare
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Getting a Subsidy for Daycare

As we all know, the cost of childcare in Toronto is the highest in Canada. According to the CBC, the Median cost for infant care in Toronto is $1,736 a month! This is absolutely crazy. A family with two kids under the age of four could pay easily $4,000 a month for childcare.
The City of Toronto offers a childcare fee subsidy to help low-income families with the cost of licensed child care.
Your subsidy fee is based on your most recent Tax Return. In order to receive a subsidy, both parents should work or study.

The $10 a Day Child Care Deal

In Mar 2022, the government of Ontario announced an agreement that will deliver affordable, inclusive, and high-quality child care for families in Ontario.
Here’s What You Need to Know About the $ 10-a-Day Child Care Deal

How to get Daycare Subsidy in Toronto

You can apply here online.

On the website, you can also use their calculator to find out if you qualify and how much you would have to pay for childcare! The amount will be the total fee per day your family will pay for childcare. That includes full daycare or before and after-school programs.

A few Tips to help you get a subsidy for daycare in Toronto:

  • There is a waiting list for fee subsidies so apply as soon as possible.
  • It is possible that a spot with a subsidy will cost you more than a spot without. Let’s say you are eligible to get a subsidy, and the cost after the subsidy will be $55 per day.
    In some cases, you will be able to find a home daycare or a daycare centre that charges only $50 per day. Of course, every case is different so it’s best to apply anyway.
  • When you apply you will need to provide a list of four daycare centres you would like to register for, so use the Child Care Locator before you apply.
    With the locator you can find childcare centres with or without a subsidy, so be aware that you make a list of daycares that offer a subsidy.
  • After you apply, you will get a confirmation letter/email with your file number. Make sure you receive it and keep the file number.  If you didn’t receive the letter call to confirm your name is on the waiting list.
  • When your name comes up on the waiting list, the City of Toronto will contact you by phone, however, if you don’t have an available spot in a daycare, you won’t be able to use it.
  • When a spot becomes available for your child and you know that you have a spot, you should contact the City Of Toronto to arrange a meeting and confirm the information.
Getting a subsidy for daycare

Good to know before you apply  for Daycare Subsidy in Toronto 

  • Both parents should work or study.
  • You can apply for a subsidy and register for daycare while you are pregnant.
  • If you take maternity leave, the subsidy will end four weeks after the birth of your new child.
  • In case you lost your job, you will have three more months of subsidy.
  • Even if you don’t eligible for a full subsidy, you might be eligible for a partial subsidy.
  • Only some of the childcare centres accept the subsidy, so make sure you register as soon as possible.
  • If you just moved to Canada, you can apply without your Tax Return.

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