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Mom of the Month: Meet Naama

Every Month I featured a new mom from Toronto and the GTA in my blog with an interesting story to share. Please help me welcome our new mom Naama Blonder.

Nice To Meet You

You can call me:  Naama

My Little Ones are:
Maple, she is 5 months old.

Three strange or interesting things about my family are:
1. I am an architect and I love everything urban.
2. I never lived in a house, only in condos and apartments.
3. I turned down offers to design large luxury homes because I’ve only practiced designing spaces efficiently, and I wouldn’t know what to do with so much redundant space.

My city and/or neighborhood is:
Downtown Toronto

The most important things that you need to know about me are:
Urbanist & optimist

The Coles Notes!

Hours of sleep
Sleep regression is real!

Stroller or carrier?
Carrier! As much a possible!

Breastfeeding or bottle?
She has the entire menu to choose from.

Condo, apartment, or house?

Car or TTC?
Riding my bike as much as I can

Languages I speak:
English, Hebrew

Baby gear that I can’t live without:
The carrier

Time flies when you’re being a mom

What I enjoyed the most about being on maternity leave was:
As funny as it might sound… working and growing my architecture practice Smart Density is something that I love doing. So I didn’t take a real leave.

The best things that I do with my LO are:
Carrying her everywhere. Including to business meetings.

These are a few of my favourite things:

The funniest thing that has happened to me recently is:
Maple joined me at an interview for the Toronto Global News about the housing crisis.

Maple and I in an interview about the missing middle in the Toronto Global News.

I love Toronto because:

How quickly the city is changing and growing, and how much the residents care about the city.

My favorite place in Toronto is:

Just strolling around in the city and finding new spots.

My favorite baby store is:

What we get from friends.

The best advice I’ve received so far is:

didn’t really listen.

The best advice that I can give to new moms is:

Don’t listen too much to advice.

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