Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding
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Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding

COVID-19 vaccine is finally here. what now?
Is the Covid-19 Vaccine safe for Pregnant women or breastfeeding moms?

By Paola Vallarino, IEP, CBS

Here is what you need to know about

Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding

  • LACTATING & PREGNANT women were not included in most clinical trials.
  • While safety data on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in PREGNANCY & LACTATION are not currently available, there are also no data to indicate that the vaccines should be contraindicated.
  • It is highly unlikely that COVID-19 vaccine components can be excreted in human milk and if so, would be digested in the infant’s intestine.
  • It seems reasonable to think that if the disease is compatible with breastfeeding, the more so will your vaccine, which does not even contain the live virus.
  • There is no need to avoid initiation or discontinue breastfeeding in patients who receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • SIDE EFFECTS: injection site reactions, fatigue, chills, muscle pain, joint pain, and headaches.
  • It’s an mRNA vaccine. It means that these are not live virus vaccines. They DO NOT enter the nucleus and do not alter human DNA in vaccine recipients. As a result, they CANNOT cause any genetic changes.


Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding-

General Recommendations in Canada

COVID-19 vaccine may be offered to individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding if a risk assessment deems that the benefits outweigh the potential risks for the individual and the infant.

If informed consent includes discussion about the absence of evidence.
Click here for the information on the Government of Ontario website

Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding in Canada

Covid-19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding- What’s next?

COVID-19 vaccine development and regulatory approval are rapidly progressing. Thus, information and recommendations will evolve as more data are collected about these vaccines and their use in specific populations.

TIP: Get informed on official websites, by healthcare professionals & look for references. Take your own PERSONAL decision when you feel ready.

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Covid19 Vaccine when Pregnant or Breastfeeding

We would like to thank Paola Vallarino, IEP, CBS for writing this blog post. You can find more information about Paola here

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