My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
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My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience

A few years ago, I went for a 3D baby ultrasound at the UC Baby center in Downtown Toronto. It was such a great experience. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook profile, you already have heard a bit about my experience t because I shared a lot from the scanning.  

I want to share my entire experience with all of you and provide some extra details for you in case you are considering going for a 3D ultrasound soon.

First, what is a 3D Baby Ultrasound?

Just to be clear the 3D ultrasound is not a medical test in any way. It is only for you and your family to get know your baby through 3D images.

The images are amazing, you can see all the baby’s movements and activities; the baby’s face and body; and listen to his or her heartbeat. You will be given printed images to take home and a video recording file on a USB device.

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
My baby 3D ultrasound images

When is the perfect time to have a 3D Baby Ultrasound?

The ideal timing will be when you are around 26 to 29 weeks pregnant. At this time, the baby’s face and body are big enough for the images. After this stage, the baby will be too big to have beautiful photos.

You can also have a test to reveal the baby’s gender if you don’t want to wait until 19 weeks have passed.

Who can do the 3D baby ultrasound with you? Since this is not a medical test, you can bring any family member, friend, or relative with you.

Why did I decide to do a 3D Baby Ultrasound?

I felt like I really wanted to see my baby. I couldn’t wait for the moment I would get to hold my LO’ in my arms. So, until that’s possible, I want to be able to take a closer look at my child.

1. I feel like the number of ultrasound tests that we do in Canada (only 2 at the early stages) is not enough for me. I’m not saying that it’s not enough from a medical perspective. It’s just that for me, as a mother, I find it unsatisfying. I want to see my baby and his movements.

2. It is the perfect opportunity to connect with my baby and see what is going on inside. You can see your little miracle in a live stream.

3. I want my daughter to be able to see her baby sister as part of the preparation process. This will help her to understand that another child is coming and get her excited.

4. I did a 3D baby ultrasound with my first pregnancy, so I wanted to have the same experience and memories with my second pregnancy as well.

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience

The 3D ultrasound is entirely different from the regular tests that I’ve had before. The staff is very friendly. They did their best to make the test a great experience for you and your family. I felt very comfortable the entire time. I went there with my husband, and it felt more like a fun thing to do together than a medical test.

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience

What I liked the most about the 3D ultrasound is that this time is all about you. The screen hangs on the wall just in front of you, therefore, you can lay down and relax. You won’t find yourself in an uncomfortable position when you try to take a look at the screen. It won’t be positioned beside you as it would be in a regular ultrasound.

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
The screen hangs on the wall just in front

The images are quite amazing. I can’t explain the joy you’ll feel when you see your baby. Your heart will melt at his or her little movements and facial expressions. It is a great time to find out a bit more about his or her life inside you.

When I went for my first appointment, my baby was facing my back so they couldn’t take good images. The technician asked me to come again 2 weeks later so she would be able to take better pictures. When I came back, the baby was in just the right position for the scanning.

What you will get from your 3D Baby Ultrasound

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
Free samples and coupons bag from UC baby

What you receive depends on the package you purchase, but other than the live session you can take home:

  • A video recording
  • High quality printed pictures
  • A heartbeat teddy bear. The technician records your baby’s heartbeat sounds and will place the little device into a big teddy bear.
  • A goodies bag with free baby items, samples, and lots of coupons.

My heartbeat teddy bear from My Instagram profile: 

This experience and what you want from it will be different for every mom-to-be. Just find the right package that will suit you the best.

Disclosure: The 3D Baby Ultrasound package was given to me as a gift by UC Baby Toronto. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

My 3D Baby Ultrasound Experience
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