10 Best Children's Books for Father's Day
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10 Best Children’s Books for Father’s Day

I created for you a list of the best Children’s books for Father’s Day. Those books will be perfect for Daddy and Me time. It is an opportunity to celebrate Father’s day with your child in an interactive way through a storytime. You can even start a new tradition of Daddy Storytime- time just for you and your kid together.

Those books can also be a great gift for new dads if you would like to gift your partner and provide something Dad and Kid can do together. There are not many dad books out there, I added books with a supportive message for daddy and baby.

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Children’s books for Father’s Day – For Daddy and Me Time

1. Me and My Dad! 

Little Bear’s dad is simply the best! He wakes up his cub with a tickle on the nose and a kiss. Then the two spend a wonderful day together exploring, splashing through rain, and swimming in the river. At the end of the day, they snuggle together under the stars.

 Me and My Dad! 

2. I Love My Daddy 

Sometimes daddies are loud and playful. Other times they are quiet and compassionate. And they are always loving. Sebastien Braun’s appealing text and charming illustrations follow a day in the life of a bear and his bear cub in this celebration of the bond between father and child.
Perfect for toddlers. This book is Amazon Best Seller.

 I Love My Daddy

3. Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

Your baby’s first word will be . . . “Dada!”
Right? Everyone knows that fathers wage a secret campaign to ensure that their babies’ first word is “Dada!”.
This is the best book to read with your baby and makes a really great first Father’s Day gift.

 Your Baby's First Word Will Be DADA

4. I Love You to the Moon and Back

The sun rises, and a bear and cub begin their day together. They splash in the water, climb mountains, and watch the shimmering sky. They show their love by touching noses, playing chase, and of course, hugging. A sweet, gentle rhyme, perfect for sharing with a special little one!

I Love You to the Mo

5. Daddy Hugs

Daddy loves to give Baby hugs to say “I love you!”. Now Baby and Daddy can cuddle and count along with this hug-and-read book perfect for Baby’s teeny, tiny hands.

 Daddy Hugs

6. I Love My Daddy

This book captures the love between father and child from a toddler’s point of view, with verses and bright pictures designed to inspire smiles. Dad shows his daughter how to make pancakes, they sing silly songs, and she even takes his shoes for a spin! Joyful and sweet, it is sure to be enjoyed many times over.

 I Love My Daddy

7. The Berenstain Bears: We Love Our Dad!

He’s always there for his cubs, but will he let them treat him for a change, on his special day?
This full-colour storybook brings another delightful adventure with the Berenstain Bears.

The Berenstain  Bears: We Love Our Dad!

8. The Night Before Father’s Day

It’s the night before Father’s Day, and Mom and the kids have a plan to surprise Dad with a special gift. When Dad goes for a bike ride, everyone gets to work. Dad wakes up the next day to find his garage newly organized and his car sparkly clean. So, of course, he celebrates by taking everyone for a spin.

The Night Before Fat

9. Because I’m Your Dad

In a text that’s both playful and loving, a father expresses his hopes and dreams for a one-of-a-kind relationship with his child. Whimsical monster characters bring the silly and sweet scenes to life.

Because I'm Your Dad

10. My Dad Is the Best Playground

This joyful story celebrates Dad as the funnest person in the world and the best playground ever! He’s the highest swing and a great climbing wall, he’s a bouncing trampoline and merry as a merry-go-round. And then, when playtime is over, Dad is the best for reading and snuggling with before bed.

My Dad Is the Best Playground

This is all for today. I want to wish you all a very happy Father’s Day!

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10 Best Children’s Books for Father’s Day
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