30 Budget-Friendly Ways to Baby Proof Your Whole House
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30 Budget-Friendly Ways to Baby Proof Your Whole House

For new moms, everything about having a baby comes down to one thing: safety. Your baby is your world –– everything you do centers around keeping your little one safe, healthy, and happy. Unfortunately for you, that often means spending an arm and a leg on expensive baby proofing gear, baby supplies, and other necessities. 

If you’re looking to save a bit of money as a new mom, there are plenty of tricks you can try. Going the DIY route when baby proofing your home is an effective way to accomplish your goal of baby’s safety without sacrificing an entire paycheck. 

With National Baby Safety Month just around the corner, Coupon Chief created an infographic with creative ways to help you keep your little ones safe at home. From clever outlet covers to simple furniture anchors, these tricks will help you save money while baby proofing your home from head to toe. 

Here are a few tips from the infographic: 

  • Anchor heavy furniture to the wall with simple L-brackets. They’re cheaper than a dedicated baby proofing furniture anchor set and are easy to install. 
  • Use a hair tie or rubber band to lock cabinet doors. It will be easy for adults and older children to access, but keeps babies and toddlers away from dangerous contents like cleaning supplies, knives, and more. 
  • Create a custom outlet cover by reusing the lid from a package of baby wipes. Use super glue to secure it to the outlet plate.

For more great baby proofing hacks, check out the infographic below!

I would like to thank Coupon Chief for providing me with this content. You can check out the full blog post here.

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30 Budget-Friendly Ways to Baby Proof Your Whole House

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