Baby On a Budget: Save Money on Baby Items

Raising a kid has become so expensive during the last few years. So how do you save money on baby items? There are so many great new products on the market with the single goal of making the lives of parents a lot more comfortable, but all of them come at a cost. As a new parent, it is so very easy to go over budget. I know that many of you moms are trying to save money on baby items as much as you can when you have a newborn and there are many good reasons to do so. First, when you go on maternity leave, you don’t get paid the same. It’s more likely that you’ll get 50% of what your income was prior to maternity leave. However, during this time you will have so many new expenses for your newborn. So you earn less, but you also have way more expenses to deal with. Second, all of the baby items will only serve you for a short period of time, so spending money on them is hard to justify. When I was on maternity leave, I wanted to buy all the cute things for my daughter, but spending the money on something she would outgrow so quickly tore at my heart. Lastly, now that you are a parent you have the responsibility to save for the future of your children. In my opinion, every dollar I can spare now can be put into an education fund for my daughter.   How can you save money on baby items? 1. Family and friends can be great resources. As a new parent, look around you for family members or friends who have kids that would be willing to give you their hand-me-downs as their kids grow out of them. 2. Don’t pay attention to the brand name. Look for functionality instead!You don’t need to spend money on a brand name item. Always look for a product that will better serve your needs.It’s true that the more expensive products will have more functions to it, but stop and think for a second. Do you need those extra bells and whistles? If you can’t immediately justify it, then just go for the more basic model. 3. When buying baby clothes, always buy clothes that are one size bigger than what you need.This way you will be able to use it for a longer period of time. For example, if your baby is three months old, buy the six to nine months size.This is especially true when you are buying expensive items like a snowsuit or a winter jacket. 4. When you are looking for a new baby item, don’t narrow your search to only baby stores. Stores like Walmart and Costco also keep an extensive inventory of baby products. If you go online, you will find more items and shipping options. Other stores online like mothers choice booster seat can be a good choice as well. kea is also great for nursery furniture, dining utensils, high chairs, potty chairs, and wooden toys. 5. When buying disposable baby products like diapers, wipes, and baby formula, try different brands and especially the no-name items like PC, Costco, and Kirkland to name a few. Some of the no-name items are being made in the same factory as the brand items and just being sold separately. 6. Get your freebies.Many free baby samples and items are given for free by companies, so new moms like you can try their products. You can start with my list here. 7. Go for second-hand items.There are so many options to buy second-hand baby items in Toronto and the GTA. Buying second-hand means you will be able to get the same item for about 50% off.If you’re worried about the condition of the items, consider that most baby products are only used for a short period of time anyway, so in most of the cases the items have only been gently used. How do I buy second-hand items in Toronto? 1. Search for second-hand items on Facebook groups.Look for groups that are specifically made for parents to buy and/or sell baby products for the items that you need. There are so many groups like that out there.I would advise searching items within a group that is based in your nneighborhoodinstead of a generic Toronto buy and sell group. This way you will see local posts in your area.You can also post an item that you are looking for and if other parents have those items to sell, they will reach out to you.There are also many items in those groups that are given out for free which will help you without breaking your budget. 2. Shop at second-hand stores.The best second-hand store for baby items has to be Once Upon A Child but it is also the most expensive one. You can also visit general second-hand stores with a baby department.Start with my list here  3. iSpy clothing – online resale shopiSpy Clothing is an online children’s resale shop, selling gently-used, brand name children’s clothing & shipping right to your door!You can get name-brands items for half of the price.I love this idea cause you can shop like any online store, and get the items into your door. 4. Look for what you need on Kijiji.Find items you need on their app or desktop version.I found that people on Kijiji provide more information about the product. Before buying a new item, ask yourself the following questions : How long will you use it for?For example, you will use your stroller for two years or even more, but you won’t use baby swing for more than a few months. Do you have a place to store it later? Will you use all of the product’s functions? Or will you use only its primary function? Could you borrow this product from another family? Or maybe just borrow it for a few days to see if you like it? Keep in mind that any baby item you buy only been used for a short period of time. You will not use it for years. The last thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t look online for long lists of baby registry must-have items. Some of the lists have been created to promote the products and the companies behind them. Instead, ask your friends for their must-have items. I really hope that my list here will help you to save some money for your family.I would love to hear your feedback. As always you are more than welcome to leave your comments below or contact me directly. If you like this post and you would like to read more content like that, please subscribe to our mailing list here Facebook Comments