About The Toronto New Mom Team

Welcome to our blog! Toronto New Mom Blog is all about being a new mom in Canada. From all the things you can do- to all the things, you should know as a new parent.

We are local new moms from Toronto and the GTA (Great Toronto Area). We write about motherhood, parenting, family life, career and relationships.

Meet The Team of Moms Behind the Blog

Diel Gerber, Founder and Editor 

Toronto New Mom team

Diel lives in North York with her family. She is a mom of two girls, and a full time professional Digital Marketer.
She moved to Toronto in 2013 and loves to share her experiences as a new mom as she lives and explores Toronto.

Diel established Toronto’s New Mom blog in 2015. She decided to put all the information she collected during her maternity leave online so other new moms can find the information they need quickly and easily.

You can visit Diel’s Digital Marketing Blog to learn how to create a website or a blog of your own and promote your business online.

Brenda Vander Zanden, Blogger

Brenda Vander Zanden Toronto New Mom Team

Brenda is a certified Mindfulness Life Coach, Breathwork and EFT practitioner. Brenda uses mindfulness to help women overcome imposter syndrome so that they can confidently transition from career to entrepreneurship or from side gig to full-time hustle.

Her mission is to help women uncover their limiting beliefs so that they can begin their new venture with more than enough SELF-confidence, SELF-worth & SELF-awareness to go after the wrong things — the scary stuff–all the fulfilling things that are waiting for them on the other side of fear!

Brenda is a wife and a mom to two rambunctious twin boys. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her family at one of the local parks in the Mississauga area.

Shannon Sebert, Blogger

Shannon is a single mom in her early thirties, living in the West end of Toronto. Living an alternative lifestyle, she spends her days with her daughter Bettie, and works nights at a popular sex club downtown. Always one to gravitate to positive energy and colour, she’s an advocate for self-love, body positivity and an authentic life, whatever that may be, to whoever is living it

With a love for sharing her life with the world, Shannon started blogging after she became a mom. She started off sharing the standard mom stuff, but is so excited to switch gears and share pieces of information and her advice about navigating an alternative parenting lifestyle.  
You can find more about Shannon on her website.

Gillian Judkins, Blogger

Toronto New Mom team

Gillian and her family live in the West end of Toronto where she has lived for over twenty years. Having worked in healthcare and regulatory roles for most of her career she decided to try her hand at blogging about her experiences as a mom of three (two boys and a girl). 

Be sure to follow Gillian on Instagram and Facebook page 

We would love to hear comments or feedback here, and all tips or suggestions are welcome!

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